Research Authors and Reviewers

Authoring Research - From Manuscript to Publication

  • FCSRJ Virtual Issue: how to Get Published in Research Journals (Link)
  • How to Get Published in Peer-Reviewed English-Language Journals - Wiley Blackwell (Download)
  • Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics: A Publisher's Perspective 2nd Edition- Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Permissions and Copyright - Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines - Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Submissions Frequently Asked Questions - Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Books on Writing Scientific Research Articles and the Peer-Review Process - Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Book Review of the Publication Manual of the APA, 6th edition (Download)
  • Devaney (2013) - Becoming a Published Author (Download)
  • Lee (2014) - Insights for Writing a Qualitative Research Paper (Download)
  • Adams (2014) - Preparing a Manuscript for Publication (Download)
  • Delgadillo (2016) - Quantifying the Impact of Research for Tenure and Promotion in Family and Consumer Sciences (Download)
  • McGregor (2016) - Peer Review Journals Overview (Download)

Reviewing Research

  • Bednar (2013) - How to Be an Excellent Reviewer (Download)

 Authoring a Textbook

  • Book Author Services - Wiley Blackwell (Link)
  • Book Author Checklist - Wiley Blackwell (Link)

General Writing Resources (For Students and Professionals)

  • Academic Writing and Publishing: A Practical Handbook - James Hartley (Link)
  • A Graduate Student's Guide to Determine Authorship Credit and Authorship Order - APA (Link)
  • A Graduate Students' Guide to Involvement in the Peer Review Process - APA (Link)
  • An Overview of Peer Reviewed Journals - McGregor (Link)
  • Basics of APA Style Tutorial - APA (Link)
  • From Writer's Block to Writer's Rhythm - Successful Academic (Link)
  • Graduate Students Guide to Publishing - University of Michigan (Link)
  • How to Publish Your Journal Paper - APA (Link)
  • Key Elements of the Research Proposal (Link)
  • Publishing in Peer Review Journals - Taylor and Perron (Link)
  • Publishing Your Dissertation - APA (Link)
  • Undergraduate Research Community Resources - Kappa Omicron Nu (Link)

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