Find Your People

Help AAFCS Find Its People and Grow its Membership!

Timeline:  Ongoing

Who makes AAFCS strong? YOU. 

  • You have made AAFCS the leading organization in the family and consumer sciences profession since 1909.
  • You exemplify our core values and can relate the value of our mission and vision to your colleagues and friends in family and consumer sciences.
  • You can help “Find Your People” and encourage others to join AAFCS and make our professional community – and profession –   stronger. 
  • Simply put, people don't join associations, they join people.  Help AAFCS Grow!

Top Four Reasons for Members to support the AAFCS “Find Your People” Campaign:

  • Building connections with like-minded people of similar interests can lead to great contentment in life. 
  • You'll create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with on professional, volunteer, and/or social pursuits.
  • Increase your network to become a leader in your workplace/academic institution/community
  • Recruiting New Members is FUN and EASY!

Tips for Recruiting New Members (aka Finding Your People):

  • Send an email to a friend or colleague.
  • Use social media to promote the member benefits you receive from AAFCS.
  • Invite a friend or colleague to come with you to an affiliate event or national meeting.
  • Send a link to an AAFCS webinar to a prospective member.
  • Share the AAFCS newsletter.
  • Use the AAFCS compendiums in your curriculum.
  • Keep a copy of the AAFCS JFCS or FCSRJ in your office or in your car to give to prospective members!
  • Publish an article in your workplace newsletter about AAFCS.
  • Make announcements in departmental weekly/monthly staff meetings about AAFCS membership and programs.
  • If you’re in higher education, consider Assembly of Higher Education membership for your institution, and encourage your students to join AAFCS and/or help sponsor their attendance in an affiliate or national event.
  • Work with your affiliate to co-sponsor a student's membership via the HUGS program.
  • If you're in an affiliate leadership position, use the Find Your People theme in your affiliate recruitment activities and/or as the theme for a member appreciation onsite event.
  • Share Your #MyAAFCS membership video (see how-to below).
  • Career change or promotion? Receive an award? Submit your #AAFCSMemberImpact news with AAFCS for inclusion in our Members on the Move, featured on social media on #MemberMonday. This serves to recognize our members and inspire our broader family and consumer sciences online audience.
  • Get creative! Spread the word in the way that’s comfortable for you!

Interested but don’t have the time to actively “Find Your People”?

Send an email to Sophy Mott, AAFCS director of affiliate and member programs at with the following information: Name, email address, and member type (ie: professional/student)  and AAFCS will reach out to your contacts on your behalf. 

Find Your People Membership Collateral

If you have any questions on the above information, please contact Sophy Mott at

Share Your #MyAAFCS Story!

We love to curate MyAAFCS stories about how AAFCS membership and involvement has helped people.  Any videos shared will be posted to our YouTube channel.

If you're interested, we’d love it if you would  create a brief 30-second #MyAAFCS video that you can share publicly on social media and we can post. 

If you’re willing to help, here are some recommended steps:

  1.  Before recording the video, plan what you are going to say. Here is a guide:
  2. Start with, “Hi, I’m [name], [job title], and this is #MyAAFCS story.”
  3. “I’ve been a member for X years, and I learned about AAFCS from…”
  4. “AAFCS membership has helped me…”
  5. Find a quiet space with an uncluttered background and good lighting to record the video.
  6. Ask a colleague or friend to record the video for you or use a webcam.
  7. When done, email it to


All the ways for our people to join:


By Phone

  • We'd love to talk! AAFCS accepts major credit card payments by phone at 800.424.8080.

By Fax or Mail