New Achiever

The New Achiever Award was introduced as a part of the Association’s 75th Anniversary observance in 1984 when it was established to identify and honor emerging family and consumer sciences professionals who have exhibited the potential to make significant contributions to the field through their involvement with AAFCS.

Anyone chosen to receive the New Achiever Award will receive a commemorative token which will be presented at the AAFCS Annual Conference. The recipient's name and photo will be reported in AAFCS print and online communications.
Congratulations to our 2022 New Achievers
Ashleigh Childs
Olivia Johnson
Michael Westbrook, CFCS

Ashleigh Childs, Georgia

Ashleigh is a Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent in Georgia. Her work exhibits the qualities that are essential to increasing awareness and disseminating knowledge about family and consumer sciences. She develops meaningful relationships with colleagues and community members, delivers a variety of educational programming, attends regular professional development, and maintains active membership in associated field organizations.

Congratulations Ashleigh

Olivia Johnson, Texas

Oliva Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Retailing and Consumer Science at the University of Houston. Dr. Johnson also continues to make an impact to the FCS Body of Knowledge through numerous publications, grants, and presentations. She has been recognized for her ongoing research which focuses on the intersection of social media and connective movements.

Congratulations Olivia

Michael Westbrook, CFCS, Wisconsin

Michael currently teaches at Menasha High School. He excels with innovative activities for his students and the community. Over 100 children attended a kid's camp event with Child Development focus. In addition, he implemented a furniture restoration and redesign into the Interior Design curriculum. In addition, Michael has invited more than 25 guest speakers to his classroom in the healthcare pathway. He has also implemented real life activities for Health Occupations.

Congratulations Michael