Chalkley-Fenn Public Policy Scholar

The Chalkley‐Fenn Public Policy Scholar was established in 1990 to honor Gladys Branegan Chalkley, president and treasurer of AAFCS from 1940‐1942. Dr. Chalkley founded the Montana Affiliate of AAFCS, as well as the state’s dietetic association and its chapter of the American Association of University Women. The scholarship is also funded by a gift from the estate of Geraldine G. Fenn, a South Dakota native who was an Extension 4‐H Specialist in Montana. After retirement, Fenn spearheaded development of the Montana 4‐H Foundation for Montana and served as a youth advocate at state and national levels. Today, it is supported by donations from AAFCS members who believe in public policy and the utility of civic engagement. It is awarded in even numbered years, depending on availability of funds.

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Deadline is February 15th, 2024.