FCS Compendium Vol 2

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Family and Consumer Sciences Compendium Series

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This all-digital series is a peer-reviewed collection of previously published works by AAFCS in the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, AAFCS Webinars, and other selected works. Each volume will focus on a specific topic within the broad field of family and consumer sciences.

Volume 2: Ethics, 2016 Edition

This second Volume of the Compendium Series is organized in a manner intended to build a foundation for thinking about ethics in the FCS profession. Doctrines of professional ethics are addressed first, followed by consideration of personal ethics. It concludes with a variety of best practices for teaching and thinking about ethics in FCS settings (includes 32 articles from the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences and Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal).

ISBN: 978-0-8461-0008-9

Volume 2 is presented in five sections:

  • Section 1. Ethic of the Profession identifies the AAFCS Code of Ethics as the guiding doctrine for ethical practice in the profession, and provides supporting examples that demonstrate its development and implementation.
  • Section 2. Defining Personal Values as Relevant in Professional Realms investigates the stories and examples of established professionals in FCS and related fields, and the personal ethics held by those in the profession.
  • Section 3. Ethical Goals: Teleological Concerns provides articles that situate the wellness of individuals and their communities as the desired outcome of professional practice.
  • Section 4. Moral Principles: Deontological Considerations offers readings that focus on the ethics reflected in how human needs are met through the application of FCS knowledge.
  • Section 5. Strategies for Ethics Education in FCS gives insights into a variety of activities relevant to teaching and applying ethics in FCS settings.

This volume is ideal for use in college and university courses that integrate instruction on professional and personal ethics.

Also appropriate for:

  • Educators in Cooperative Extension
  • Secondary educators
  • Family and consumer sciences professionals in other practice settings
  • Individuals who have come into family and consumer sciences roles via other professions and need to become familiar with ethical perspectives in FCS

Compendium Series Editorial Advisory Board

  • Carol L. Anderson, PhD, CFCS
    Professor Emerita, Cornell University
    Editor, Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (2002-2006)
  • Scott S. Hall, PhD, CFLE
    Professor, Ball State University
    Editor, Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (2015-present)
  • Carole J. Makela, PhD, CFCS
    Professor, Colorado State University
    Editor, Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (2006-2012)
  • Lori A. Myers, PhD, CFCS
    AAFCS Director of Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification (Pre-PAC)
    AAFCS Managing Director of the FCS Research Center

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